Current minority-related research activities

Music and Dance of Burgenland Croats (Marko Kölbl)

Music and Dance from Afghanistan in Austria (Marko Kölbl)

Music from Turkey in Austria (Hande Sağlam)

The Aşık Tradition in Sivas (Hande Sağlam)

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Audiovisual archive

The Department of Folk Music Research and Ethnomusicology has a vast archive of sound and video materials. Most of these materials have not been published, but are a source for other researches.

Already digitalized and archived research projects focusing on minorities

BIM Bi-musicality and Intercultural Dialogue, a research project of Ursula Hemetek and Hande Sağlam (2009-2012)

EMW Immigrant Music Culture in Vienna, a research project of Sofija Bajrektarević, Ursula Hemetek and Hande Sağlam (2005-2006)

SBG Fieldwork in Salzburg – 2003, a research project of Gerlinde Haid and Ursula Hemetek (2003)

PR Traditional Music of Minorities, the complete field research of Ursula Hemetek (from 1989 until today)

STZ Wedding in Stinatz/Burgenland, the dissertation project of Ursula Hemetek (1979-1984)

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Finished projects, not yet fully archived or digitalized

FL Musical identification of young refugees, a research project of Marko Kölbl (2016-2018)

BIM 2 Bi-musicality and Intercultural Dialogue, a research project of Wei-Ya Lin, Ursula Hemetek and Hande Sağlam (2016-2017)

Laments of Burgenland Croats, the dissertation project of Marko Köbl (2012-2017)

VBG Immigrant Cultures in Vorarlberg: A Musical Field Research Project, a research project of Evelyn Fink-Mennel, Gerlinde Haid, Ursula Hemetek and Hande Sağlam (2009)

EKI Embedded Industries. Cultural entrepreneurs in different immigrant communities of Vienna, a research project of Mediacult, a collaboration between Bernhard Fuchs, Andreas Gebesmair, Kim Kwok, Michael Parzer and Hande Sağlam (2007–2008)

ITA Tunes and chants of Italian workers who emigrated to Austria, a research project of Barbara Kostner and Paolo Vinati (2004-2006)

IBK Sound Images of the World in Innsbruck: a Musical Field Research Project (2004)

SST Styrian Slovenes, three research projects of Ursula Hemetek and Gerlinde Haid (1999-2001)

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Archived projects that do not focus on minorities, but include music of minorities

TKT Lecture Series on Transculturality: Transkulturalität_mdw (2014-2018)

EMM Multipart Singing in the Balkans and the Mediterranean: Ardian Ahmedaja has conducted fieldwork with different minority communities in the context of several research projects, focusing mostly on multipart music practices. They include fieldwork among Albanian minorities in the Balkans, Italy and the USA (Boston), Armãns (Vlah) in Greece and North Macedonia, Roma in North Macedonia, Armenians in Cyprus and Italians in France (2003-2009)

ALB Albanian Folk Songs and Byzantine Chant a research project of Ardian Ahmedaja (1999-2002)

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