The Annual MMRC Lecture

Every year, the MMRC will organize an annual lecture, which represents a novelty in several aspects. It will exploit a particular theme that appears across various disciplines and connects ethnomusicology to transdisciplinary discourses. The MMRC will introduce a dialogic lecture format, presenting two well-established scholars. Bringing together researchers with different research experience will inspire new perspectives on the topic of music and minorities. An artistic program and multi-media research results will accompany the lecture.

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Journal on Music and Minorities Studies

The MMRC will introduce a scholarly peer-reviewed annual journal. It will be led by an international editorial board with expertise in music and minority studies. The journal’s general focus will be music and minorities, and each issue will then present a more specific theme in correspondence with the annual lecture.

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Researchers in residence

International cooperation and collaboration between the MMRC and other similar research centers or individual researchers are very important in developing music and minority studies and contributing towards international discourses. Both sides should benefit: the researchers in residence will benefit from the MMRC’s network, infrastructure and expertise, and in return the MMRC will benefit from the incoming expertise and the contribution to the MMRC’s discourses.